A message from Randy

"I have been a resident of Bella Vista since 2005. I am a successful entrepreneur, and a devoted husband and father. I am a Christian and committed to a life of service. I'm an all-around outdoorsman and appreciate all that Bella Vista has to offer and will protect it for all to enjoy.

I love living in Bella Vista! I will act with dignity and remain trustworthy as your mayor.

I am a small business owner, not a career politician, and I intend on waking up each and every day to work for the residents of Bella Vista. I am running to protect your traditional values."

We ask for your vote on December 6th.

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What People Say About Me

Randy Murray: honest, steadfast, willing to help at a moment’s notice, resourceful, a problem-solver. He will help find solutions and get the job done.

Jill Hale

I have known Randy for the past six years. I know him to be conservative, honorable, hard-working, and honest. I believe he would do considerable good for Bella Vista as mayor

Joseph Sheppard

Honest and freedom loving!

Sue Lawrence

Randy one of the most genuinely good people I know. He will drop anything to go and help a friend (or someone he doesn’t even know). He is an amazing Father, community member, leader, and friend. He is so willing to share and include people in the goodness around him! No doubt he will have a positive influence on Bella Vista:)

Emily Yates

We have known Randy for more than a decade. He was a great scout leader to our sons. He works hard running his own business, but always has time to help his friends and neighbors. He is the first to show up when someone is in need. He is a natural leader and a man of action. He has a servant’s heart and is guided by honesty, love of community and love of country.

Karen Sasine

My vote is for Randy! He is hardworking and cares so much for his family and others. I know he will make a difference!

Lindsay Burnett

What a great, helpful, stand-up guy! When we were new to the neighborhood, his family welcomed us with open arms! Randy is an honest, hard-working man. His family is one of those families you know you can count on. Vote for Randy Murray!

Kristy Bockholt

Randy is an honest, hard-working guy who cares and helps for so many around him. He has not hesitated to help our family several times. And I know he will have that same selfless character in serving our community!

Alaura Guinn

Randy is direct, honest, hardworking family man. He has leadership experience with both youth and adults. Randy serves in the community. He has shown a high degree of integrity in all my dealings with him. Local successful business owner. Good role model for his children. Randy lives his values.

Dave Peterson

Randy is just top notch! He genuinely cares about people. If there is a need, he’s the first one to respond without being asked and goes above and beyond what is expected. He’s passionate about standing for solid principles and values. I’ve seen him in action for many years. His strong work ethics are unsurpassed and he will make a fantastic Mayor for Bella Vista!

Vickie Pearson

Randy is everything you could want in a mayor:
Strong business sense
Christian values
Honesty and ethics
Love and concern for the community- the people and the land
Go-getter personality
I can’t imagine a better option! He will be fantastic!

Carrie Beere

I fully endorse Randy.  I have known him as a close, dear friend for decades.   Something Randy is good at that not many politicians posses, is the attribute of navigating into the future proactively, not reactively. He is a great family man and the 3 words that come to mind when I think of him are Strategic, Ethical, and Hard Working.  I couldn’t think of a better person fit to run for Mayor and am 100% confident in his ability to lead the Bella Vista community to an even brighter future.

Jeff Schierlman

“In my over 15 years of knowing Randy he is second to none with coming up with practical solutions while showing an immense love and concern for individuals.  This combination will make Randy a great leader in our community.”

Andy Grover

Objectivity and fairness are signs of a true leader in my humble opinion, not the signs of a politician. Randy Murray possesses these qualities and understands that he cannot change the world, but he does realize that he can help affect positive changes locally if elected Mayor of Bella Vista.  His intention is to once again introduce honesty, fairness, efficiency, and conservative American values into the Bella Vista community.  Vote for Randy Murray if you desire to put “the America” back into Bella Vista!

Dr. Nick Yiannos

“I have known Randy for over 15 years now and consider him one of my most dependable and dearest friends.  Randy Murray doesn’t know a stranger.  People that know him love his optimism, dependability and fun nature.  He is always there to help a friend in need no matter what the occasion.  He has a strong sense of vision for Bella Vista and is ambitious to see Bella Vista be a strong and safe community for all of us.  I vote Randy Murray for Mayor.”

Elaine Klein

Randy and his family were among the first people we met when moving to Bella Vista. He welcomed us with open arms and introduced us to many of the wonderful things about this city.  Randy has shown great kindness and has a level of intellectual integrity unmatched by most. I have seen his untiring efforts in leading and mentoring youth, helping those he meets and doing what he can to better our community.  As a business owner and church leader he has shown innovation and an ability to problem solve even in the most challenging  situations.  Randy has a remarkable work ethic and would add great benefit to Bella Vista if elected our next Mayor.

Jessie Keller

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