The Mayor

What are the responsibilities of The Mayor of Bella Vista?

“The Mayor is elected to a four year term. By city ordinance, the position is defined as a full-time position. This office is charged with the administrative duties for the city. The Mayor is responsible for seeing that the laws are enforced, preparing and administering the annual budget, recommending appointments to the various boards and commissions, lobbying on behalf of the city in matters pertaining to state or federal legislation and general over-sight of the day-to-day operations of the city.”

-The City of Bella Vista, Arkansas


We are committed to honesty, virtue, and integrity.

Core Principals

The values of freedom, respect for human rights and being the good you want to see in the community.

Our Team

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As the Mayor of Bella Vista,

Randy Murray will:

  • Foster growth while maintaining small-city culture & traditions
  • Direct a local government that serves and protects its people and their constitutional rights and freedoms
  • Encourage careful city planning
  • Promote an environment in which small businesses can thrive
  • Manage the budget with the needs of the community in mind
  • Support our Police & Fire to keep Bella Vista a safe place to live and work
  • Advance sewer & internet